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Red flags for Job Scams. How to avoid Job scams in India.

Red flags for Job Scams. How to avoid Job scams in India.
Red flags for Job Scams. How to avoid Job scams in India.

We all want to have our dream job but we have to understand that dream jobs never come easily.

Job scams in India are very common these days in the recruitment industry and it’s very important to understand red flags for job scams. The high rise in the online job search through Job searching website or Job portal has only worked as a catalyst in the situation and resulted in a massive increase in the number of frauds.

The prime motive behind such job scams in India is to dupe the job seeker of their money and if you think you are immune to this or you are smart enough for this then below mentioned headline is for you. Important is to be alert and always check out for the red flags for job scams whenever a job offer comes in front of you.

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With the rapid increase in the number of Job scams in India in the name of fake appointment letters or fake job offers, below are some common RED FLAGS for Job scams that would help you identify the SCAM.

How to Find out the Job Offer is not one of the Job Scams

  1. On the spot hiring or offer letter issued after just 1 telephonic interview
  2. Demand money in the pretext of the hiring process or paperwork
  3. High salary offered without relevant experience and job profile
  4. Job description or job role not described properly
  5. Offer letter shared from personal email id
  6. Ask to shared personnel information like credit card /debit card /bank account details
  7. The hiring company doesn’t have a web presence

Modus operandi of job scams in India :

  1. They build a fake company and issues job letter on the behalf of fake company
  2. Offer Job with lucrative salary in the name of Big Brands.
  3. Initially demands a small amount of money in the name of registration, job interview, and hiring process.
  4. Contact and conduct very general and simple fake Job interviews over the telephone or sometimes in the consultant’s office.
  5. Start demanding money regularly for the different processes like registration,   verification, documentation, etc.

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Red flags for job Scams and how to aviod them

1. Check out the red flags  :

  • Job offer with lucrative salary with big brands
  • General Job profile with no specific and professional education required from a job seeker
  • No Job description / no specification of job profile
  • Job in multiple locations across India
  • Direct offer letter without any interview
  • Demand money for processing job interview and for offer letter
  • The scammer uses personal email id in jobs for Big Brands
  • No web presence of details of the company

2. How to avoid Job Scams :

  • Never share personnel information like debit card/credit card/bank details
  • Don’t pay any money for a Job Interview or for an offer letter
  • Do some research on the company check out their web presence
  • If Job offer or offer letter is from a big brand try to contact their Human Resource Department directly.

Understand the recruitment process:

The major reason behind such a spike in the number of job scams in India is not digitization it is the lack of understanding of the recruitment process in India. Below we have tried to explain the recruitment process in India in a very simple language.

Red flags for Job Scams. How to avoid Job scams in India.Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process

Campus hiring –One of the most common recruitment processes for freshers is Campus Hiring. Companies HR do Campus Selections for freshers. Chances of job scams in this process are negligible as for Campus hiring the companies HR mostly directly involved in the process and also campus hiring will be managed and monitored by college management directly.

Direct Hiring:  Another type of recruitment process is direct hiring. Usually, Companies do hiring for mid Level or senior-level hiring from this process. Companies take subscriptions to different Job searching websites or Job portals to get the Data of job seekers. Companies HR directly call you or send you recruitment mail with the Job description. Companies never demand money for jobs or for the hiring process.

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Consultant Hiring: Most common recruitment process is Consultant Hiring Companies hire job placement agencies for their recruitment and they pay them a commission for the hiring. Job placement agencies also take the subscription of different Job searching websites or Job portals to get the Data of job seekers. But any reputed Job placement agencies never demand money from job seekers they charge from the company for whom they are hiring. So it’s a big red flag for Job scam if a consultant demands money from you for hiring.

What to do if you came across a job scam or scammed by one of the job scams :

If you ever get an email with a job offer that shows the red flags for a job scam then immediately delete that mail and if that mail is from some job searching websites or job Portals like or etc then report that incident to the respective job portal on their contact email id. You can easily find their contact email id on their websites.

For you can mail on

For you can mail or submit your feedback by clicking on

For you can mail on 

AND IF, you are scammed by one of such Job Scams then the most important thing is to report it immediately.

You can file an online complaint to National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal and also lodge a complaint in your nearby police station.

Click here to visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Also, you can call on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal Helpline number 155260
(Delhi, Rajasthan & Uttarakhand)  24*7
For (Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh) (10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)


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