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Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V- Which is better?

Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V- Which is better?
Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V- Which is better?

In the current scenario, when the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus has hit us very hard, we all are in a very tragic situation. Where on one hand, people are getting infected and the death toll is rising, on the other hand, the government is trying its level best to combat the situation by running a vaccination program. Just when the vaccines were launched, it was made available in phases.

In the first phase, the healthcare and the Frontline workers were availed of the vaccines. In the next phase, the senior citizens (above 60) were vaccinated. The next level phase was for the people who were in the age group of 45-60. The current phase is made available for the people in the age group 18-44. In this completely online vaccination program, different types of vaccines are available to book online. These are Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V.

With so many choices available, people are getting confused and weighing the options to get vaccinated.  An obvious question also comes in the in that Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V – which is better?

In this article, we will clear all your doubts regarding vaccines and how they are made, and how they participate in boosting our immune system. So let’s dive in a little deeper.

1. Covishield

Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V

It is one of the two vaccines​ which were launched firstly. It is developed jointly by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca. In India, these are produced at the Serum Institute of India, Pune.

Cost- It is available for the state government for Rs. 300 only and for private Hospitals​, it is available for Rs. 600. It is however available​ for free to the citizens by the government.

Working- It is developed similarly like Sputnik V. This vaccine consists of adenovirus which is a type of common cold virus in the chimpanzees (ChAD0×1). It is modified to look similar to Coronavirus, only it doesn’t infect. After getting injected with this vaccine, the body starts producing antibodies against the virus and offers protection.

Potency- After the phase-3 trials held in December, this vaccine has shown an efficiency rate of around 71%. This vaccine is also used in various other countries​. After the second dose, this vaccine is known to be very effective up to 90%.

Storage- This vaccine is stored at a temperature of around 2-8°C. 

Side effects- The side effects of this vaccine are similar to the ones produced by Covaxin. These include redness, pain, body ache, fever with chills, weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps and many more others.

Dosage- This vaccine is administered in the form of 2 doses. The second dose is administered after 4-12 weeks of the first dose.

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2. Covaxin

Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V

This vaccine is considered very safe for use and is manufactured by Bharat Biotech in partnership with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV).

Cost- The cost of this vaccine shot for the state government is around Rs. 600 and for the private hospitals is Rs. 1200. It is available for free to the citizens​ by the government and chargeable by the private hospitals.

Working- This vaccine works by the old mechanism of encounter, memory and then production of antibodies. The COVID-19 virus has been isolated by the National Institute of Virology. Right after the vaccination, the body’s immune system starts producing antibodies against SARS COV-2 (Coronavirus).

Potency- The vaccine has proved to be very effective after its phase 3 trials and has a success rate of 81%. Covaxin has proved very effective against the UK variant of this virus as well. Furthermore, the efficacy of this vaccine can also be increased by adding immune-potentiators. 

Storage- Covaxin is stored at2-8°C

Dosage- It is given as a 2 dose vaccination. The second dose is given after a gap of 28 days of the first dose. 

Side-effects- The common side effects​ of this vaccination include redness in the area of vaccine application, fever, pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, body ache and others. These symptoms are temporary, however, if they persist for a longer​, it is advised to consult a doctor.

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3. Sputnik V

Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V

This Russian vaccine is developed at Gamelaya Institute, Moscow. This is the third vaccine that has gotten a clean chit to be used as a vaccine in Emergency clearance in India. India is expected to get around 3 million doses of this vaccine by the end of May. The production of this vaccine in India is expected to start around August 2021. India is considered to be a major hub for the production of this vaccine (60-70%). This vaccine is also a two-dose vaccine. Each dose differs and consists of an administration of two different strains of adenovirus causing the common cold. 

Cost- The actual cost of the vaccine and its doses is yet not decided.

Working- It works by administering two different strains of adenovirus. Injecting two different strains helps in minimizing the risk of the development of resistance against the initial dose. This vaccine is administered using vectors to deliver the antigen. This vaccine is harmless and doesn’t cause any disease in our body. The working mechanism of Sputnik V is quite similar to that of the Covishield; only Sputnik V makes use of two different strains of the adenovirus. 

Potency- The Success rate of Sputnik V is quite high, around 91%. This is very high and is in comparison with Pfizer and Moderna.

Side effects – The side effects of this vaccine are mild and generally do not require hospitalisation. In case of fever, the administration of paracetamol is recommended. 

Dosage- This is also a two-dose vaccine and the second dose is administered after 21 days of the first vaccine. 

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So, currently, there are 3 vaccines available in India for the citizens, and we hope this article will help you to get the answer of Covishield or Covaxin or Sputnik V- Which is better? Few more vaccines are available worldwide such as Pfizer and Moderna. However, both these vaccines can’t be stored in India due to temperature issues. Nonetheless, getting vaccinated is our primary concern. So, you should book yourself a vaccine slot as soon as possible to reduce the risk of getting infected. 

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