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6 Best job searching websites or job portals in India

Best Job Searching website
6 Best job searching websites or job portals in India
6 Best job searching websites or job portals in India

Finding jobs in earlier days was a strenuous task. You had to wander from office to office to secure yourself a good job. But do you know that these are just the old and conventional methods to seek a job? You no longer have to go in person and submit your resume copy to apply for any job.

There are numerous online job portals in India where the companies or the recruiters​  post the vacancies of the job and the job seeker can go through the requirements and match them with his qualifications and preferences. 

This article will take you on a quick round to the 6 Best job searching websites or Job portals in India to help you better in searching for your dream job. 


Best job searching websites

The word itself says a job in English. This is the oldest and the most reliable job portal in India. was featured in the year 1997 and has satisfied millions of job seekers and certainly is one of the best job searching websites or Job portals in India.

The best part is that this site allows free access to the people who are looking for a job. It is regularly updated by the recruiters for posting the vacancies. 

Although the website charges a certain amount for accessing its advanced features such as resume writing. A dynamic and excellently ​drafted resume leaves a remarkable impact on the employer.

The first thing that a normal employer does is going through the resume; a well-built resume will automatically make you stand apart from others. There are other paid services as well such as connecting better with the recruiters, getting more visibility, and many more. 

Key Features:

  • Free Registration
  • Just One-click to apply for a Job
  • Get relevant job recommendation
  • Paid advanced services
  • Regular updates by the recruiters
  • Paid resume buildings and priority application
  • Available as a mobile application to ease your searching procedure.

Click here for Free registration its take few Minutes.

I am 100 % sure very few people should know below mentioned feature of

Once registered you Can :

·  You can keep your resume hidden from all recruiters while applying to Jobs

·  You Can Mention yourself as a  ‘passive jobseeker’ if you are not actively looking for a job.

·  Best part you can block your company or other specific companies from viewing your profile

Comment Below if you already know above mentioned feature

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Best job searching websites

Despite its name, this is a terrific website to look for your dream job. Besides, is also very popular, one of the best job searching websites , and a trusted job portal in India where you can find your dream job easily. With a large array and choices, this site also hosts a great number of blogs. These blogs illustrate some useful tips regarding interviews and job searches that will prove extremely beneficial​ for the person.

Also, provides a job filter option to help you choose from your preferred jobs only.  Besides these, the portal also provides some paid services such as Xtreme Resume and Right Resume that offer keen attention and build a resume after thoroughly knowing about your experience and qualifications

Key Features:

  • Free Registration
  • Unlimited job profiles
  • Paid resume building
  • Blogs to assist you even more
  • Regular updation

Click here for Free registration its take few Minutes.

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Best job searching websites

One of the fastest-growing sites for job searching and recruitments​ is LinkedIn. Over time, it has gained so much popularity and people have been driven towards it a lot. However, unlike other job portals, LinkedIn​ works very differently. It allows you to get connected to people and you get a chance to showcase your talent and skills on a completely different platform.

You can connect to many eminent personalities to widen your circle and group. However, you have to spend a bit of time here to start getting the benefits. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful and innovative way to reach out to people.

Key Features:

  • Higher reachability
  • Unlimited connections
  • You can display your thoughts and views
  • You can connect to as many people you want because CEOs, VPs, and Presidents​ of many companies are available on LinkedIn​

Click Here to Join LinkedIn


Best job searching websites

This is yet another popular job portal in India that is handled by a renowned newspaper brand, HT Media Limited. Besides providing jobs, it is also widely famous for offering tips and facts to job seekers. This is advantageous​ to make the person ready before he applies for any job.

This site also comes in an app and provides many attractive features such as chatbot, support, and many more. A job seeker can also filter the options to narrow down the choices and allow him to search from​ his preferred area. 

Key Features:

  • Easy navigation
  • Comes as an app
  • Resume building assistance
  • Resume hiding feature
  • Regular updation

Click here to register with

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Best job searching websites

Our next bet is the site which is managed by the Times group. It is estimated that this portal has as many as 20+ million job seekers who have registered themselves on this job portal. The best benefit of this job portal is that it recommends jobs as well​ as companies to the candidate after having gone through his profile.

Being launched in 2004, it also has a government jobs section to help professionals​ seek a government job. Also, it has an individual section for IT jobs too, you just have to enroll yourself there and voila, a list of jobs will appear in front of you. Just apply for the same. Besides these, it also helps in building up your resume to apply for your dream job. 

Key Features

  • Individual sections for different job sectors
  • A very large collection of jobs in the market
  • Resume building
  • Regular updates by the recruiter
  •  Keep your job search secret
  • Ensure privacy of your personal details

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Best job searching websites new boy in town.An originally US-based company which has now scattered to all over the world including India. It posts jobs from all over the world. Besides jobs, it also posts ratings and reviews​ of the company. This immensely benefits the job seekers to look deeply into the company’s environment before applying to it. There are various filter options available as well to help the person to choose from his preferred jobs only without having to waste time on other jobs. 

Key Features:

  • Search filter option
  • Company’s ratings and reviews
  • Millions of jobs
  • Regular updates by the recruiter

Click Here to register with

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So, these were some best job searching websites in India to help you find your dream job sitting in the comforts of your house. Now you don’t have to wander around to apply for a specific job holding your resume in hand. Searching for a job has become very easy and if you are the right candidate, the job will be yours to keep. You now don’t have to worry about getting the list of your desired jobs, all this is easily available on an online portal where you just have to apply for the job. We wish you all the best in your dream job!

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